Re: Peter Pauls Nurseries

robert korfhage (
Thu, 20 Jul 95 21:34:15 EDT

Speaking as an information scientist, I think that Philip Thomas' comments on
the listing of suppliers are pretty much on the ball. The more factual
information that we have, the better. I'm not a legal expert, but it seems to
me that as long as the list sticks to facts, rather than opinions, it's on
safe ground. I would make two suggestions: first, that the information be
associated with the nursery in a normal order (e.g., alphabetic) rather than
try to categorize the nurseries in this way; and second, that one should get
the nursery owner's permission before releasing his/her letter to the list.
(Although I can't really think why someone would send in a letter, and then
not want list members to see it.) One final caveat: the 'facts' would be
those supplied by the nursery owners; while one would presume that they are
accurate, it might be well, iff this were done, to include a disclaimer to that

Bob Korfhage