Peter Pauls Nursery

Philip Thomas (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 01:18:28 -1000 (HST)

Some time ago I sent a lengthy missive to the list about Peter Paul's.
No need to get sued, he solidly nails shut his own coffin in the
introduction to his book. Check it out from a library, please don't buy
it (and support the author). IN MY OPINION the things he states about
field collection of cp are LUDICROUS! e.g. that collecting is good for
natural populations so they don't create overcrowded conditions for
themselves. RIGHT! Don't get me started... read it for yourself.

I would vote to EXCLUDE ALL NAMES of commercial CP sources from the
archives/database associated with this list who don't have a written,
signed statement that 100% of their CP are propagated (from at least 2nd
generation plants?). I think this has been hashed out before on this
list, and obviously the decision has been made to include all nurseries,
regardless of their histories, philosophies, or plant origins.

AFN, -pt