Watering Problems

Richard Marsden (marsden@andreas.wr.usgs.gov)
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 09:03:24 -0700 (PDT)

Whilst over here in the US, I have left my CP (an early collection of one
mature VFT, and seedlings of D. capensis and Saracenia hybrids) in the
care of my parents. I didn't overwinter my VFT properly, but from what I
heard it was picking up. My parents were away for 3 weeks, and have just
arrived back. It turns out that my brother didn't water anything
(apparantly a lot of my mother's plants are half-dead as well).

It sounds like the VFT is in bad state/dead (my father says "Ca
poisoning" but I don't know how he knows this - unless he guesses it was
partially watered with tapwater). The D. Capensis are doing a triffid
impression (no problem there!), and the Saracenia is growing slowly.

The Saracenia were growing slowly beforehand - is this normal?

How can the VFT be rejuvenated? This was my first CP, although I've only
had it for a year! I was hoping to try and take some cuttings next year.
Its a bit hard to describe the symptoms, when the plant in question is a
continent and an ocean away!

All help appreciated,etc,etc

Richard Marsden