Ethical nurseries and Peter Pauls too

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 16:53:06 -0700


There have been some comments about buying things from Peter Pauls. Long time
CPers and readers of this list know what I'm about to say....

In the past I bought things from Peter Pauls. Sometimes I was satisfied
with their products. To proceed with this email, I think that I may
protect myself a bit (legally) if, instead of commenting on Peter Pauls,
I will comment on the quality of OTHER places that sell CP. There are
many such places, such as

Lee's Botanical Gardens
P.O. Box 669
La Belle, FL 33935-0669
813-675-8728 (?)

Orgel's Orchids 18950 S. W. 136 Street Miami FL 33196 305-233-7168

California Carnivores
(I only have a few phone numbers for them, like 707-869-3641)

Allen Lowrie
6 Glenn Place
Duncraig 6023
Western Australia

and others, (the addresses and more information are available from the CP
list archives). I have done business with the places I list here (except for
California Carnivores, but I've heard very good things about them).

I suggest you spend your money at these places as they do not deal in
misidentified or field collected plants. Field collection is immoral and for
many CP extremely illegal. These places will not involve you in their larceny
by selling such illegal plants. Furthermore, they will allow you to tour and
inspect their facilities, thereby demonstrating they do propagate their
own stock and do not field collect.

Furthermore, these firms have not offered three different CPers (who were
going to travel through CP-rich parts of the U.S.) money for field collected
plants (25 cents per plant).

Furthermore, these firms have not been the subject of many angry postings to
this newsgroup, postings which describe their practices and which can be
found in the CP archives.

CP are becoming increasingly rare in the wild. Please consider supporting
firms that respect these plants and are not contributing to their extinction.