Re: CP digest 404
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 19:00:05 -0400

In a message dated 95-07-12 13:56:56 EDT, Michael writes

>Barry's request for FAQ questions has prompted some curiosity in me
>about a not-frequently asked question, which might still be a good
>thing in a FAQ file.
>What is CP trading etiquette?
>CP trading is a great way to exchange plants. There are many different
>types of trading styles I've encountered. I don't think there is any
>"right" style, but it might be an interesting thing to discuss with
>newbies so they'll know what to expect. ie. "do I have to exchange a
>plant of 'equal value'? What is 'equal value'?" What about giving away
>or receiving plants for free, without a trade?
>Michael Chamberland

Equal value is a dificult thing to define and many people have different
standards, for example, I don't care much for hybrids and give them away as
soon as I find out a that misidentified plant is a hybrid. In contrast, a
friend thinks that N. bicalcarata or N. merilliana are worthless, and not
worth keeping because they don't produce pitchers. In addition to this,
many people place value on what they don't have as opposed to what they do
have. Often times I find that I have alot of plants that some would consider
rare but here they are a weed, in cases like this I might just give them

In any case, I think with careful communication you will soon ascertain what
the other party desires and can come to a fair exchange at which point its
rarity or 'value' is a moot point.

Hope this helped some.