Re: Nepenthes

Douglas Ewing (
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 10:25:01 -0700 (PDT)

I would like to share my experiences with regard to rooting Nepenthes. I
stem cuttings with several leaves starting at the tip and progressing
down the stem. Cuttings are wounded with a knife , I use a rather shallow
cut aprox. 2cm long to remove some bark down to the cambial layer. The
base of the cutting is then dipped in a rooting hormone solution ( I use
a product called "Wood's Rooting Compound" which is an alcohol-based, 1%
IBA,.5%NAA concentrate which I dillute with distilled water at the rate
of one part WRC to 10 or 15 parts water. This strenghth of hormone might
be similar to the medium range for talc formul.ations for those that
prefer the powders.) I then stick the cutting aprox. 3-4cm deep into an
8x8x8cm cube of rockwool. This is then placed in a warm, sub-irrigate,
enclosure with good light. After cuttings are rooted and new growth
appears on top, I transplant, cube and all, into moss-lined wire baskets
with a peat/pumice media that is very well drained. Often, when material
is available, I will stick three or four cuttings in the same cube to
encourage a bushy basket. I have used this technique with good success ,
even as a rescue measure on plants that were under stress.- Doug Ewing