Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 15:37:07 -0700

>this brings up a point that has bothered me. How wise is it to give specific
>directions to these areas over the net? Sure I believe that most of the

Jewel, and other list-members,

Truly, I *never* give specific directions to places I have visited unless the
places are carefully monitored by staff-members. It is a sad fact that if
the location of an area gets out, you are probably contributing to its
disappearance. For this reason, people who do field-work are usually very
cautious about revealing locations, and I have had to gently snub a few
people in the past who have asked me for suggestions on places to visit.

What is truly horrible is that in some populated places, CPers are stealing
from other CPers! Greenhouses have been burglerized and the ``desirable''
plants were stolen and commonplace beasts were left untouched. A very sad
comment on us as a group of hobbyists.

>carpet of baby sphagnum. At the recent suggestion of a list member, I
>bought the book "A Focus on Peatlands and Peat Mosses".(Thank you)

Ron, I'm the one who plugged this book---I'm glad you liked it.