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Rick Walker (
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 12:55:42 -0700

> Does anyone out there have any interesting nepenthes that they can
> recommend/offer to me ? I was looking at the 1993 archives, and saw a
> mention of some kind of database that keeps record of what species
> are grown by whom; is this accessible by me and how, or does it no
> longer exist? - Alastair Robins on.

There is a database in the CP archives. Everyone is encouraged to send
me their current growlist in the proper format, and I add the info
into the database.

Here is a snippet of the list showing who is growing Drosera binata:

Drosera binata
[BAMR,P: Coromandel Peninsula N.Z.] [BAMR,P: Hauraki Plain N.Z.]
[BAMR,R: var. multifida f. extrema]
[BAMR,R: var. multifida pink flower]
[BAMR,RP: var. dichotoma small type] [BAMR,RP] [BAMR: Northland N.Z.]
[BAMR: var. dichotoma giant] [CL,a: var. dichotoma (giant)]
[DB: binata] [DB: dichotoma] [DB: multifi [TJ: multifida extrema]
[DKP] [DMcC,s: 'multifida'] [DS] [GC,a: var. dichotoma]
[GC: var. multifida] [GC] [GD: multifida] [GD] [IK,a: T form]
[MC,a: 'Y-form'] [MC,a: 'dichotoma much-forking'] [MC,a: dichotoma]
[MC,f: 'extrema'] [MS: dichotoma] [MS: multifida 'pink flowers']
[MS: multifida] [MS] [PC] [PM] [PT,a: multifida Pink Flower Form]
[PT,a: multifida] [RA: dichotoma 'giant'] [RA: multifida 'extrema']
[RA: x 'marston dragon'] [RA] [RW,a] [RW: multifida (seed)]
[SS: dichotoma "giant"] [SS: dichotoma] [SS: multifida 'extrema'] [SS]
[TA: dichotoma] [TA] [TH: var. binata (white fl.)]
[TH: var. dichotoman] [TH: var. multifida] [TJ: "marston dragon"]
[TJ: Coromandel Pen. N.Z.] [TJ: Hauraki Plain, N.Z.]
[TJ: North Land, N.Z.] [TJ: multifida extrema] [TJ: multifida]
[TJ: var. binata "T-form"] [TJ: var. dichotoma "Giant"]
[TJ: var. dichotoma] [TJ]

The initials in each bracket give the grower ID (e.g: TJ=Tom Johnson),
this is followed by a comma and then an availability key. (e.g: BAMR,P
means that Barry Meyers-Rice has Plants available). After that is a colon
and then any further description of the plant.

For info on what is available from the archives use:


For help on commands use:


For those that prefer to use the WEB, Chris Frazier maintains a copy of
this info at

Best regards,

Rick Walker