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Thu, 06 Jul 95 08:03:55 PDT

I've recently lost a small tissue-cultured N. lowii to rot. It was obtained fro
m the group order from Uwe so I'm curious how the other growers are doing and t
heir secrets and results. My plant had stayed very much the same size and had s
topped all growth for several months. As I realized they were extremely slow gr
owers I wasn't too concerned. I made sure it had cyclic temperature patterns of
approx 80-85 F days to 60-65F evenings. I originally had it in a small plant s
tarting flat in an eastern exposure. As it wasn't growing much I placed it unde
r a fluorescent light in a plastic bag. It developed a strange creeping (looked
like aquarium filter floss)mold which I treated with Benlate with no apparent
I really liked this plant small as it was so if anyone actually gets one lar
ge enough to take a cutting please keep me in mind. This plant when it arrived
was approximately 2cm accros so probably should have stayed in the flask a bit
longer possibly. Better luck to everyone else Kirk