RO systems, Brita filters

Wed, 05 Jul 1995 11:32:00 -0700 (PDT)

Two suppliers who do mail order, and who list different small-scale RO
systems in their catalogs are:

Pet Warehouse 1.800.443.1160
That Fish Place 1.800.733.3829

Brita Filters I believe, remove most of the chlorine (which is what improves
the taste) , and some other dissolved solids, though I don't think they
specify the amounts. They claim to remove lead, though other filter
manufacturers will not. A compact NSA filter which can be attached to your
kitchen faucet, will filter about 5000 gallons before needing replacement.
Needless to say, on a per gallon basis it works out far cheaper than the
Brita. Removing chlorine will benefit your plants (and you). It all
depends how good your water quality is to begin with.. My water quality is
quite good, and so I use filtered tap water, which is then pH adjusted
(since our water is highly alkaline). If your water quality is poor, then
I'm afraid the Brita will not help a whole lot. Short of purchasing an RO
system, there are some other more sophisticated filters listed in the
catalogs above, that may work well for your CPs, and which are a lot cheaper
than RO systems..