Re: off the thread
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 11:56:57 -0400

Well, I don't know how interested the rest of the bunch might be in these
addresses, but apparently I am also having trouble with my memory of places.
Ya Ka Ama, which I thought was an herb farm is actually a Native Plant
suppier, but they also have herbs...Let's face it, acorn mush just isn't the
same without a bit 'o garlic and maybe a little dill..
Ya Ka Ama (707) 887-1586 Mom's Head Gardens (707)585-8575
6215 Eastside Rd. 4153 Langner Ave
Forestville CA 95436 Santa Rosa CA 95407

The second listing is an herb farm and since you have to go through Santa
Rosa (I think) to get to Peter's. Besides, I love the name.
If you call any of these places be sure they put a Sonoma Co Farm Trails map
in with your order.