Re: Nep. pitchers

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 28 Jun 95 16:52 EDT

> From: freidm@TELEPORT.COM(Rebecca Patchett)
> Greetings all. I was wondering how long the pitchers of Nepenthes alata, or
> any other species for that matter, live. Are they supposed to remain fresh
> as long as the life of the leaf? I recently got an N. alata and moved it
> into a new, bright environment. It has devoured many crickets, and is
> growing like mad, but some of the pitchers it originally came with are
> drying out and shriveling up. Is this to be expected - or is the plant
> "unhappy"? Thanks for any info...
> Rebecca in PDX

Hello Rebecca,

Nepenthes are fairly easy to shock. Where they grow they normally
don't experience much (if any) changes to their environment. The traps
are a very expensive item to keep going so if/when a plant is moved
to a brighter area, this can also mean less humidity, the older/all the
traps may be shed. You said your N. alata is growing fast so it doesn't
seem like there's any problem.
The first thing to die on healthy, happy Nepenthes are the traps
anyway. Though they usually go one at a time.

Dave Evans