Re: Water and watering etc.

Carl Gustafson (Carl.Gustafson@cbis.ECE.Drexel.EDU)
Wed, 28 Jun 95 07:32:26 EDT

Liane Cochran-Stafira wrote:

>One point about using citric acid to precipitate salts. I think the stuff
>you see coming out of solution may be the organics and perhaps some
>phosphates. It would seem to me that most of the harmful salts would
>actually increase in solubility when the water is acidified. Can any of
>the chemists out there comment on this?

Exactly so. However, I don't think that the citrate salts will build up in
the medium the way carbonate salts will. Also, you may leach the carbonates
from the medium.

Carl Gustafson
Former chemist