Re: D.adelae

Ivo Koudela (
Tue, 27 Jun 95 7:25:15 MESZ

Fernando and others,
If you are looking for the description of flowers of D.adelae (both
'varieties'(?)) and D.schizandra, you should find out the article
by M.Studnicka in the Czech botanical journal named Ziva (notice there
is a hook over 'Z'). Unfortunately, I don't have it at my hand now so
I'll tell you exact citation tomorrow (hope I'll find it somewhere).
But it is in Czech! Maybe I could buy spare copies for those they
are really interested... Anyway, I'll try to translate a piece
for all but it will take a while as I don't have the whole article
in Prague and I'm leaving it on Friday and go to look for CPs in
the Slovak Republic for a week. However, I remember there is nothing
about the strange change of flower colour...

With best regards,
P.S.: Fernando, I hope you received my growlist...