(COPY) Re: Emergency!

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 26 Jun 95 21:17 EDT

> From: sycamore@ACS.BU.EDU
> Somebody help! I just came back from a week-long vacation, and
> the temperature in my apartment soared above 90 degrees (it's
> very hot and humid in Boston). Everything appeared fine
> but some of my sundews have a fine, web-like mold growing on
> them, spreading into the sphagnum soil and reaching other plants.
> I don't have any fungicide on hand, so if anybody can recommend
> one, or if anyone has a home remedy that will stop this menace,
> please let me know. This has happened to me once before, a long
> time ago, and it wiped out most of my sundews!
> Moribund in Boston,
> Tri D. Do

Hi, umm... I used Captan in very heavy doses on some Cephalotus. It
killed all of that green nose hair moss, bleached the Sphagnum for
about four months, but I have not had a problem with mold on my
Cephalotus for 2 years now. For your Droseras, however Bemnomyl
is safe for Drosera but I'm not certain it will work on the
fungus you have. I have used it many times on this gray fluffy
mold growing in Sphagnum around my H. heterodoxa plant. It has
no effect what so ever. Yes it is a new contianer of fungicide.
****I need help for this problem myself****
Since your problem is a emergency you might want to try the Captan
I don't believe Captan is dangerous for Drosera: I coated most of
the plants that were in the 15 gallon terrarium I had at the time.
No deaths among the various Drosera. All those were well established
at the time so use it sparingly.

Dave Evans