Re: strange adelae behaviour

David K. Purks (telenet!leviathan!
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 12:16:38 -0400 (EDT)

> (Christoph) writes:
> > I have been witnessing some pretty strange behavior from my D. adelae. When I
> > first got it the flowers were white, the following year the flowers were red,
> > and remained red for eight years and now the plants have white flowers again,
> > actually it is more a cream color now. Has anyone else had this phenomeon
> > happen to them? This really puts some serious doubt in my mind as to wheather
> > the two are really distinct forms. Can someone tell me what is going on?
> The plant might have, over the years, selfed a few times and produced viable
> seed which sprouted around the mother plant. I think this might go unnoticed
> very easily, what with the way D. adelae reproduces from it's roots. At this
> point, you have some genetic variation and this could explain the new flower
> color.

I was growing my D.adelae under lights all winters. One of the
plants had nice red flowers, the other had white flowers. Bother
were approximately the same distance from the lights, had the same
amount of water, etc. I moved both the plants outside where they
get about 4-5 hours of direct (unfiltered) sunlight and now the
plant that had red flowers is producing red flowers. The
interesting thing is that there are still a couple of white flowers
on the stems where the flowers are openning red.


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