Re: strange adelae behaviour

Davin Stewart/BSG (Davin_Stewart/
26 Jun 95 9:24:14 EDT (Christoph) writes:
> I have been witnessing some pretty strange behavior from my D. adelae.
> When I first got it the flowers were white, the following year the
> flowers were red, and remained red for eight years and now the plants
> have white flowers again, actually it is more a cream color now. Has
> anyone else had this phenomeon happen to them? This really puts some
> serious doubt in my mind as to wheather the two are really distinct
> forms. Can someone tell me what is going on?

The plant might have, over the years, selfed a few times and produced viable
seed which sprouted around the mother plant. I think this might go unnoticed
very easily, what with the way D. adelae reproduces from it's roots. At this
point, you have some genetic variation and this could explain the new flower

My $.02,