Green Gulfensis in Okaloosa?

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Thu, 22 Jun 1995 23:06:06 -0400 (EDT)

> Green gulfensis -
> Carl asked about locations - I am not sure if this helps but
> a heterophylla form of S.rubra gulfensis is circulating in
> the UK with the location details 'Yellow River Florida'.
> Anyone else in the UK know of any further details on this
> plant?
> Regards
> Loyd

To All.

The reason this came about is because a friend said he had green
gulfensis from Okaloosa Co. FL. As I mentioned, the only site location
that I am aware of is the Yellow River in Santa Rosa Co. FL. This single
plant was found by Jim Bockowski. To my knowledge, no other sites
exist. Interestingly enough, the green gulfensis, is not really a pure
gulfensis. It is a hybrid between gulfensis and leucophylla backcrossed
by gulfensis and after all that just happend to be anthocyanin free as
well. The plant produces phylodia like leuco and has faint areoles
in the upper portion of the pitcher. The stature of the plant is also
larger than typical gulfensis plants. The flower is typically a little
larger than then pure gulfensis as well, although this has not been
apparent to me from my cultivated plants.

To my knowledge, only one plant was found and it is the only source
for the green gulfensis that is in our collections. This one plant has
been divided and replanted throughout the bog at the Yellow River to help
insure its survival. It has been selfed, and divided and distributed.
Therefore, all our plants are genetically identical!

I'm very interested to find out if indeed there is validity to the
Okaloosa Co. location data for my friends plants. If it can be
validated, that would mean that there is a new location, genetically
different from the Yellow River plant! Who knows, this one my actually be
a gulfensis and not a hybrid! It would be great! So if anyone has any
info on a green gulfensis site in Okaloosa Co. Fl please speak out! Or if
anyone else has green gulfensis seed from that Co. I'd like to hear from you.

NOTE: If there is anyone on this list that lives close to the Rabin
Perdido area in Alabama (I-65 and SR 61 in Baldwin Co.), or even Southern
Alabama for that matter, can you drop me a hello please. Thanks in

Sincerely, Carl J. Mazur

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