Thu, 22 Jun 1995 08:04:00 -0400


Regarding water purifiers/filters, I am not sure how
effective a carbon filter will be at removing inorganic
materials from tap water. I use rain water until supplies
run out in prolonged periods of dry weather - then I resort
to acidifieing tap water with citric acid. I still dont like
this solution as I am concerned about long term salt build
up in the compost.

What are peoples experiences with reverse osmosis i.e. costs
size of equipment etc. I live in one of the drier areas in
the UK and thus a R/O unit may be preferable to increasing
the already large number of rain water storage vessels I
have cluttering up the garden.

Societies -

Richard the UK does have a CP society with a very well run
and stocked seed bank.The newsletters contain allot of info
of use to newbies and a Journal is produced ( though a
number of problems stopped this from appearing last year).
The UK society is good for the various meetings and open
days held throughout the year. The ICPS newsletter is
excellent combeining a broad range of articles with colour
photos - well worth the subscription.

CP Prices - these seem to be very expensive in the UK
compared to the US. A 10" tall Darlingtonia for only $4 in
California!!!! You would probably pay closer to $40 in the

Marstons may seem more expensive than other UK nurseries
though the plants are normally quite large and probably
worth those extra couple of pounds. Take care of their
labelling as I have experienced one or two errors. I once
received a S.flava cv Burgundy - which isnt what the label
says it is. I am not at all disappointed however as it is a
very large red form of S.flava, and in many ways is more
interesting than cv Burgundy.

Green gulfensis -
Carl asked about locations - I am not sure if this helps but
a heterophylla form of S.rubra gulfensis is circulating in
the UK with the location details 'Yellow River Florida'.
Anyone else in the UK know of any further details on this