Re: Nepenthes khasiana

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Mon, 19 Jun 95 22:38:42 PST

Bryon, welcome from a fellow Oregonian! I live in Oregon City and have
been growing CP for several years. I am trying out several of the
Sarraceinias to see which grow well here. Last winter was mild except
for the few days of snow, but my S. flava, S. oreophylla, S. leucopylla
and Darlingtonia overwintered outside as well as some Dionea and
Pinguicula grandiflora. If you are interested, I have extra plants of
the Darlingtonia and Ping. grandiflora as well as others that should be
hardy here. Leave me E-mail.

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| Oregon City, Or