Nepenthes seeds have sprouted

Robert St-Jean (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 08:16:04 -0400

I would like to let people that are new to
growing CP's from seed like myself know
of my experience with Nepenthes seeds.

I ordered seeds from the ICPS Seed Bank.
I sowed the seeds on the surface of
moistened sphagnum moss in 4 inch pots
and placed the pots in plastic sandwich
bags which were tied shut. Distilled water
was used. The pots were placed under
lights at 72 F at first. Two months later the
seeds had not germinated. I was getting
discouraged and thought the problem could
have been the seeds. I asked for advice
from the group and several people replied
with helpful advice. They said the seeds
needed warmer temperatures and lots of
humidity to germinate, plus I had to be more
Well I'm happy to say that with the onset of
warmer temperatures and a little patience
the seeds have germinated. As soon as the
temperature reached into the 80's F during
the daytime and mid 70's at night, most of
all the seeds have germinated including the
first bunch that I had sown 4 months ago.

Rob in Ottawa