Don Burden (donb@iglou.com)
Sun, 18 Jun 95 16:22 EDT

I got the new June issue of CPN yesterday. Here's a synopsis:

On the cover is a photo of Genlisea violacea growing in a clear
container. The traps can be easily seen. One the back cover is a
flowering Aldrovanda.

"The Savage Garden", by Peter D'Amato
"The Truth About CPs is Hard To Find" by Thomas Hanley
"Heliamphora: The Nature of Its Nurture" by Don Schnell
Two articles by Lubomir Adamec from Czechoslovakia:
"Oxygen Budget in the Traps of U. australis", and "Photosynthetic
Inorganic Carbon Use by Aquatic CPs"
"S. flava Varieties:Do We Know What We Are Talking About?" by Don Schnell

In the literature review, there's a new Ping, P. greenwoodii, related to
P. jackii, described in the Kew Bulletin by Martin Cheek.
There's also a review of a new CP book, written in French, called
"L'Univers des Plantes Carnivores" ("Universe (or World) of Carnivorous
Plants). Price is around $90.

There's an ad for Dionaea 'Royal Red', wholesale only. A photo of the
plant is included. The ad does not mention if this clone is patented.

Included with the CPN is a seperate 4-page ad for two trips:

Venezuela: $4100/person, does not include air fare, 13 days to
Kunenan-, Chimanta-, Aprada-, And Auyan- tepuis.

Sumatra: $1990/person, does not include air fare, 13 days to
Gunung(s?) Pangulubao, Talang, Singgalang, and Tjampoo. N. tenuis will
try to be found.

Joachim Nerz will be the guide on both trips.

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA