Re: RE: Illinois field trip

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 16 Jun 95 22:01 EDT

> > In the process of enjoying myself on the marsh boardwalk, I had set up my ca
> > equipment, opened a few notebooks, and played with my pH paper, maps, compas
> > field lenses and other equipment. This travelling laboratory attracted the
> > attention of some tour-groups, so I gave an impromptu lecture on wetland
> > ecology (and of course _Utricularia_), followed by a quick question and
> > answer period. I found it very effective to show people pictures of the orch
> > (using a Peterson field guide) that *might* have been seen if they hadn't be
> > field collected, and was pleased when the crowd assumed a generally angry to
> Actually, the crowd stopped to watch Barry, not so much for his activities
> but to gawk at elements of his outfit, which consisted of green rubber
> wetsuit, bulky laboratory/utility belt, flowing green cape, and curious
> latex mask in the fashion of a Utricularia bladder...
> :-)
> Michael

Utric man Utric man calling
Utric man Utric man running my head

Look at the possiblities. Barry you just might inspire White Zombie
to include CP in their repertoire.

Dave Evans