Re: VFT:SHould I cover it?

Robert Beer (
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 08:22:56 -0700 (PDT)

> My Venus Fly trap stays inside and I was wondering if I should keep
> it covered with the plastic cap? I think that's to keep the
> humidity up, but the plastic cap is so constraining to my developing
> traps. Do you guys cover up your VFT?

Don't cover it; it just isn't necessary, and having a tight cover
combined with the light it needs to grow well will bake it. If your are
is very dry, you can grow it in a small aquarium with the top
*uncovered*, so that some extra humidity will be held around it.

> Also, I was thinking about planting a VFT outside, but it would be difficult
> to keep it moist, plus I would have to dig a big hole in the
> ground and put in peat moss? so that the roots would have plenty
> of the stuff as it grows downward. Has anybody successfully
> planted thei VFT outside?

I grow all my N. American carnivorous plants outside; I have a large tray
and the pots stand in the tray, which is kept filled with about 1 inch of
water all the time (well, sometimes more if we get lots of rain, and
sometimes less if I am lazy). That way they always stay moist and get
the full sun they want.

Good luck!