Questions on buying CP's

Dio Lazo (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 18:10:47 -0700 (PDT)

My name is Dio and I am a new subscriber to the CP listserver.
I am a student at SFSU studying in Computer Science. I recently bought a
venus flytrap(which is the only CP I have ever owned), but I am interented
in more CP's and have had a catalog of CP's shipped to me. It's from a store
called Peter Pauls Nurseries and they have different plants or seeds for
I live in San Francisco, California where it is hardly sunny, but mostly
cloudy and cold and windy. I don't have a greenhouse nor will I
keep the plants outside. They will be in-house. Do you know if the
Sundew plant and the pitcher plant will grow in these conditions?
1. is Rhizome the same as seed?
2. what does it mean when it says a seed needs stratification? it better to get seeds and grow them or buy the plant whole?
4. what kind of sphagnum moss is best: Living or dried non-living
5. Lastly, they are selling a fungicide for CP which prevents
decay and fungus infections. Should I buy this?

Question on VFT's: What does it mean when the newer traps are looking a
little deformed?
Thanks for any replies,