CP T-shirts

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Sun, 11 Jun 95 21:20 EDT

> > On a different note, does anyone remember someone mentioning a company
> > in Oregon that made T-shirts with CP pictures on them? Are they still in
> > business? I sent a letter asking about the shirts the same time I sent a
> > letter to Lowry; I still haven't gotten a reply.

I have one! It features S. leucophylla, S. rubra, VFT, and what look like
Drosera anglica and D. capillaris. I bought it through mail-order several
years ago from... lets see, yes! I DO still have it in file:

Bio Graphics
Susan E. Smith
1430 Shalanwood Ln
Placentia, CA 92670

She also sells a wide variety of neat zoological T-shirts, with a good
eye for graphics and a willingness to feature under-represented critters
(bats, sloth, fennec, sea cucumber, etc...)

Do you have a description of the shirt sold by your Oregon company?
I wonder if they are the same or different companies?

Michael Chamberland