Re: new nepenthes

Andreas Wistuba (
Sat, 10 Jun 1995 00:38:37 +0000

> i received (via my neobrotherinlaw scott portman) one of perry malouf's
> lovely nepenthes.
> it is doing extremely well growthwise (at least 25% new growth, probably
> more). looks quite healthy, except for one thing. tips of leaves where
> pitchers are supposed to grow turn brown. no pitchers. it is Thriving
> otherwise.
> ideas? suggestions? i am new to cp's, obviously. old to exotic pets.
> willing to trade info.....

There are a few points to take care about when growing Nepenthes:

- air humidity at least 70 percent
- light, Nepenthes love light, especially highland species
- the roots must be healthy, choose a proper compost
- do not overfeed your plants!

Especially the first two points are important to get many nice

Good growing,


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