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> It's
>one of those bigfoot-type myths among the locals. Except there are
>serious studies being carried out now, after an american scientist
>noticed that the stories from various distant parts of the Amazon
>described a similar animal and that these descriptions, believe it or
>not, match what we call Megatherium, the prehistoric ground sloths
>supposedly perished only a few thousand years ago. Well, who knows?!
These animals were what was about when folk crossed over from Asia. Don't
you suppose that perhaps these tales evolved from Mama's just trying to keep
the kids from getting lost?
Around here, there is one tribe of folk that have occupied one site for
10,000 years. Their tales are full of Buffalo, which, like the Sabertooth,
became extint in the area about the same time.
While it must be fun to come across alleged extinct animals, don't you think
this is one possibility for all the Big-Foot sightings?