S. psittacina

Fri, 09 Jun 1995 10:17:19 +0930


>> >Could lack of food be a problem? How big does D. psittacina
>>>grow anyway? Does anyone give it an 'underwater' phase in
>>>Summer, as suggested in one of Slack's books, during which it
>>>might catch aquatic creatures with its 'lobster pot' style

>> Clarke, are you sure about underwater phase in summer?
>>Wouldn't the plant become submerged in winter?

>No, I'm not at all sure, as I don't own a copy of Slack. You are
>the second person to suggest that the underwater phase should be
>in Winter, but I'd have thought that the plants would be dormant
>then, and there wouldn't be much for them to catch?

I don't think that it catches prey underwater. It looks to be
designed to catch things crawling around on the ground rather
than the flying beasties often associated with other Sarra's.