Re: Wilmington/Green Swamp visit

Philip Semanchuk (
Thu, 08 Jun 95 16:57:01 -0400

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> Well, the VFT's are all in bloom, and I could not
> believe how few VFT's there were due to poaching.
> We only saw about 20!

Hi Victor,
There are far more than 20 VFTs in the Green Swamp. If you
look in the right places you can find 20 of them growing in one
square meter. This is not to say poaching hasn't taken its toll,
but I think poaching is not as bad as it used to be (knock on
wood). I heard that NC has increased fines for possessing wild
collected VFTs to $1000 PER PLANT. If this is true I'd certainly
think twice about doing a little illegal midnight gardening. Also
as someone recently posted VFTs are under consideration for
inclusion under the Endangered Species Act which would be helpful
as long as the folks in Washington don't gut it.

If you could only spend 15 minutes in the G.S., you should go
to Big Island. There you will find sarrs, butterworts, VFTs,
drosera in abundance growing right next to each other. Big Island
is on the western side of -- and underneath of, unfortunately --
highway 211 (the road that runs through the swamp). Most people
know how to find the Nature Conservancy's parking lot. The lot is
a sandy area on the eastern side of 211 approx. 5.5 miles north
from the stoplight in Supply. The lot is right next to a small
pond which has some sarracenia (flava & minor?), drosera,
butterworts & bladderworts (sorry I don't know the proper name
for these) on the eastern edge. The pond also has another
carnivore in it (alligator) so don't become lunch. Once you've
oriented yourself with the parking lot, you can walk back down
211 towards Supply, and after about .2 mile (+/- .1 mile) Big
Island will be on your right. It is a largely open area with some
pines. There are lots of ferns under the pines, but right next to
the road is a grassy field that is loaded with CPs. There is a
thin path that goes through the roadside ditch into Big Island
with an s. pupurea growing right in the middle of it. The Nature
Conservancy (and common sense) asks that you tread lightly in
this area and stay on the path.

On another topic, Bruce aka, can you hear me? I
sent you an email but got no reply. You can reach me at or 467-9041.