Re: What is a carnivorous plant?

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 8 Jun 1995 09:57:13 +0100


> (Jan, I suspect you will have an opinion on this :)

As you will find in the archives, this question (cf. subject) has been
discussed at some length on this list in the past. I hope you will find it
sufficient that I do *not* regard any Bromeliacea as cp (they are
bromeliads, sometimes forming water cisterns, which is a satisfactory
description of their features, cf. _Dipsacus_). For further discussion I
recommend the bromeliad list, not this one.

BTW: The statement that _Sarracenia_ is devoid of (own) digestive enzymes
is rather certainly wrong. Endogeneous proteolytic activities have even
been discovered in the pitcher fluid of some species of _Heliamphora_ (!)

Kind regards