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Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 17:57:59 -0300 (EST)

I'm also interested in finding out who the Colombian with us is.
I've never heard of any other CP'er in Latin America, outside Brazil
(where we're only a small group). Se quiser, puede me escribir en espanol.
Yo intiendo bien espanol escrito y yo se hablar um poco, mas yo no se
escribir muy bien. Hacen mas de dies anos you vivi en Venezuela quando
chico y me recuerdo todavia un poco. En enero you estuve en Argentina y
Chile, donde pude praticar mi espanol.
Now to the South Africans, I'd like to ask if any of you know a
Blair S.Couper from Natal. I used to correspond with him a few years ago
and he all of a sudden stopped writing to me. The same with Eric Green
from Cape Town.
For the aussies in Melbourne, say hello to Robert Gassin and Tom
Kapitany for me, if you know them. And tell Rob to send me knews, he's
working too much! For the aussies in Sydney, send my greeting to Ken
Harper and tell him to tell me all the details of his trip to Venezuela.
To the Canadians, if any of you live in Vancouver, say hello to
Randy Lamb. He should still be around, I'm not sure. I believe he's
working only the summer months up in the Yukon.
To the kiwis, if any of you live in the Auckland area, please say
hi to Bruce Salmon, Ricky Maulder, and Dean Waters. Are all of you as
loony as those 3, especially Bruce and Ricky?

Sao Paulo, Brazil