RE: evolution of CP

Liane Cochran-Stafira (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 15:39:27 -0500

>>Great mammoths, ground sloths, and sabertooth cats once thundered
>>across the plains of primordial North America. Then they mysteriously
>>disappered. Was this caused by climate change? By an asteroid impact?
>>By hunting by humans who arrived from Asia over the land bridge? No.
>>They were consumed and extirpated by the Pleistocene Drosera, capable of
>>snaring and strangling a woolly mammoth in its prehensile tentacles!
>>(The new human arrivals then killed these Drosera by overwatering and
>>pouring Superthrive on the traps).
>In southeast asia, the situation was even worse! The survivors of
>Atlantis placed a large humidity tent over the region. Giant apes fell into
>massive Nepenthes traps, and were drowned in the swimming pool sized
>bottoms of the traps. This explains the disappearance of Gigantopithicus
>from the region. Local inhabitants removed and sold the humidity tent
>that covered much of southeast asia, denying the gigantic Nepenthes
>the appropriate environment to produce large traps.
>In Australia, mammalian forms were consumed by
>ravenous creeping Cephalotus. Only the marsupials, capable of hopping
>over the plants or climbing trees, escaped destruction. Aborigines,
>terrified by the CP menace, started massive forest fires to destroy the
>Cephalotus habitat. Within a few years, most of Australia became a
>desert and the remaining Cephalotus, denied large prey, shrank and
>shifted to waiting for insects.

Gee - maybe those old episodes of Dr. Who, Twilight Zone, and assorted SF
films were right after all ;)