Re: Evolution of CPs

Steven Klitzing (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 15:15:34 -0700

The place Trisha visited on the coast of Oregon is called
Darlingtonia Wayside 2 miles north of Florence Oregon.
It's true, there is a bog in the trees and you walk along
a boardwalk in the middle of the Darlingtonia stands.
It's close to the coast, so it must get a lot of fog and
rain there. I was there last summer at this time of
year. The new pitchers were coming up, all very green,
and the old pitcher hoods had survived the winter but
turned purplish brown. Oddly enough, 90 miles inland
from the coast, in the mountains, I visited another
stand near O'Brien Oregon. The plants where in a bog
fed by mountain streams. They lived on the sides of
streams decending from the hillsides, and in the bog
below. The plants were in the same condition as the
ones on the coast near Florence. But these were putting
out flowers, as they must be even now. The key to the
growing conditions was not mild winters, as they could
take cold and even some snow. The key was cool water
circulating in the hot months, and moisture during the
cool months. O'Brien didn't seem very humid, or foggy,
but it had lots of running water from snowmelt higher
up. Florence was a ditch filled with very slow moving
fresh water, but did get fog moisture, though not nearly
the sun of the stand in O'Brien. Strange, it did well
both along the cool coast and the warmer inland higher