(COPY) Re: Huh?

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 05 Jun 95 18:40 EDT

The problem is outlined below. If anyone can help it would be
greatly appreciated.
Dave Evans

Dear Dave,

> I used the "get cp cp.91all /all" message and got back
> four subparts. But subpart 1/4 is missing about 1/2 year or
> rather it skips from a letter from 1/12/91 to 9/3/91. Am I
> doing something wrong or is this info N/A?

Hmmm. I looked at the file in the archives and it is indeed
missing those months. I also checked my master archive and the
same group is missing.

It may be that those files are from before the listserver when
everyone was just cc'ing everyone else. You might make a posting
to see if any of the old-timers (Barry, Don Burden, etc) have
some archives of their own for this time period. If you get
anything, I'll be happy to correct our archives.

Best regards,

Rick Walker