Sarracenia Stratification...

Michael Zenner (
Mon, 5 Jun 95 15:45 PDT

Hello everyone.
I'm now getting ready to try to grow some sarrs from seed, which I
have never done before. I've been looking through Slack's books, as well as
Cheers', and haven't seen anything definite about which sarrs need to be
stratified and how. I've heard one rather involved procedure for S.
Oreophila, which involved planting the seeds, sealing them in a propogating
done and leaving them out all winter. If there is a less involved way, I'd
be very happy to hear about it. I'm also growing S. Leucophylla, S. Flava,
S. Minor and S. Rubra. Do these all need to be stratified?
Thanks much,

-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

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