Sarracenias & Water
Sun, 4 Jun 1995 22:08:10 -0400

Actually, I DO add water to my Sarracenia purpurea traps. Thought perhaps
that I may be a little strange for doing so, but I thought perhaps that the
insects would climb/fall into the traps and drown or tire of swimming. I
assumed that the plant needed water in the traps because they were filled up
quite a bit when I bought the plant...

Anyway,, we just had a torrential rain here in GA where I live as a storm
system passed over.. S. purpurea was outside, and the traps filled and over
filled with rain water. I noticed at this time (well, took a closer look
actually) that the way that the traps are positioned and the size of the
opening, it appears that the plant is actually designed to catch rain
water... Look at yours if you have one...

Just a thought... Anyone care to comment..?