Re: Sarracenia Smells

Clarke Brunt (
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 10:12:39 +0100

> I have observed the same thing in my greenhouse. It seems that
> when they catch a lot of flies quickly there is not enough
> pitcher fluid to cover the insects so either:

The pitchers on my Sarracenias certainly get so full that insects
are way above any fluid that might be in there. How far up a pitcher
might you expect fluid to come? Does anyone add water to their
pitchers? I know that the lids on some species make a fairly good
cover from rain, but does it rain where they grow, and does it get
into the pitchers? You'd need pretty clever rain to get into a
Darlingtonia though (opening points downwards, in case anyone doesn't

Another question came up the other day. I was saying how easy it was
to germinate Sarracenia seed provided it was chilled was a while.
Someone asked "Why? Surely it doesn't get cold where they grow".
I didn't really know, so how cold does it get in Sarracenia habitats?

Clarke Brunt (