Sat, 3 Jun 1995 21:48:47 -0400

Hello, CP lovers of the world. My name is Tri (sounds like
and I'm the latest addition to this group. I'm very happy to have found
a group that unabashedly relishes the cultivation of carnivorous plants,
as I've loved them ever since I was young.
My first carnivorous plant was a Venus Fly Trap that I got in
grade at K-Mart (back when they sold 'em for about a buck each).
Unfortunately, it died when I fed it hamburger meat, but I've learned
I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, but I grew up in the
San Francisco Bay Area (whose growing conditions are much better than
Boston's). This presents unique problems to me, as the winters are
sub-zero and the sun rarely presents itself to my plants. I have nine
species of carnivorous plants (as well as many orchids and "airplants"
from the bromeliad family). I have all of these plants cramped into a
plexiglass "bog" in my urban apartment. It's currently under
reconstruction to increase its size to 3.5' x 1.1' x 3' (l x w x h).
Here is a list of the CPs I have:
--10 or so Dionaea Muscipula --7 Drosera capensis --1 Drosera
aliciae --1 Nepenthes alata --1 Nepenthes ? (I'm waiting for
pitchers to form in order to identify
it, as I've forgotten where I got it from)
--5+ Pinguicula longifolia --4 Pinguicula agnata (I think) --2
Sarracenia purpurea --1.5 Sarracenia flava (it's in the process
of dividing)

Sometimes my plants keep me up at night because I wonder how I'll
ever wean them off artificial lighting here in New England. If there are
any New Englanders out there who have solutions to the problems of lighting
and temperature, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. I look forward to
sharing in the carnivorous-plant experience with everybody.

Tri D. Do