Re: books, Nepenthes

John Ford (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 15:00:41 -0400 (EDT)


About easy Nepenthes - I am currently growing N. alata in a hanging
basket in NZ spaghnum over my kitchen sink just above a south facing
window. It currently has one trap open, nicely colored just like the
book and feeding itself on the odd insect you find when you live in
the country. It has a second pitcher that should open in the next
few days. I also have an N. gracilis also in a hanging basket in
a mix of orchid bark and spaghnum peat which has two leaves that
appear to be ready to produce pitchers. I have an N. mirabilis in
an open-topped aquarium in the dining room south window which has
five pitchers on a plant that is all of 2 inches tall. I have
read that N. anamensis is easy to grow and am looking to pick up
one of those as soon as I find one available. The only special
treatment my nepenthes get is a misting in the morning, but only
when I happen to remember.

Just like orchids, some of these things can be grown succesfully
without a greenhouse.