Req. for plants in UK

Wed, 31 May 95 12:08 GMT

Hello everyone,
My name is Kevin Greally, I live in Nottingham, England and I've been
trying to catch up on this groups back issues before subscribing to it.
However, I intend to place an order for the following plants with Marston
Exotics in the very near future:

D. californica 11.75 (price UK pounds)
S. leucophylla (white trumpet) 15.50
S. leucophylla (red trumpet) 14.85
S. purpurea ssp purpurea (deep red pitchers) ?

What I'd like to know is does any body in the UK have these plants for trade,
or is there a cheeper source in the UK ?

Could you reply to the address in the above header please (until I get a
decent sized e-mail box sorted out I can't really subscribe to any of the
busier mail lists - no matter how good they are ;-).

Personal grow/trade/swap list:

D. aliciae growing well, many plants available for trade. (1)
D. binata a few plants available for trade. (2)
D. binata 'T form' a few plants available for trade. (1)
D. capensis many plants available for trade. (1)
D. capensis alba many plants available for trade. (1)
D. rotundifolia can take leaf cuttings as required. (1,4)
Nepenthes unknown looks like photos of mirabilis, a few small rooted and
shooting cuttings available for trade. (1)
P. grandiflora just 1 plant, not for trade. (4)
P. moranensis just one plant, flowers well but I just don't seem able
make it set seed, I've had no luck with leaf cuttings
either. (3)
S. x mitchelliana 1 plant available for trade. (4)
S. purpurea venosa 1 plant available for trade. (4)
S. flava flower just opening, no plants for trade. (4)
S. minor 3 one year old seedlings (1, but soon to be moved to 3)
U. alpina 5 scarps this year, flowers should be opening soon, a few
plants available for trade. (3)
U. sandersonii in flower, just acquired, but there should be some
available for trade soon. (1,3)
VFT many small plants (I don't think I've been resting them
properly). (1,3) One plant has even survived the winter in
the peat bed. (4)

1 - growing indoors in seed trays standing in water and with propagator
hoods. 2 - growing indoors in plastic drink bottles (1.5 litre) 2/3
filled with peat
and grit mix, 2 one inch diam. holes cut to allow leaf stalks out.
3 - growing indoors in a large terracotta pan standing in 1/2 inch of
water. 4 - growing outdoors in a peat bed, with rodent and bird proof
net cage, and
horticultural fleece in winter for frost protection.

Many thanks,
-Kevin /
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