Re: Sarracenia discord

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 26 May 95 17:50 EDT

> >Well - not to start an argument, the people who responded to my
> >comment have plenty of experience between them, but I have a few
> >years of experience too. IMHO high heat, low water, and low humidity
> >are a _bad_ combination for Sarrs.
> So let me see how the battle is shaping up. Brett in Australia and I
> in Arizona (why does that usage of the 1st-person singular pronoun
> sound so odd?) have no problem with heat and low humidity, while
> Florida Tom disapproves.
> Meanwhile, it is reported that Safer's Soap is toxic on Sarracenia,
> but can be used safely on Sarracenia.
I just want to add I have used Safer's Soap, the strong mix, on all red
VFT flower buds to kill aphids. It took many doses but the plant didn't
mind. Neither did Cephalotus. The Sarracenia doesn't care either;
wouldn't try it on seedlings, however. Drosera died back in a matter of
hours from misplaced squirt. Ping's will likely do the same. Nepenthes
didn't mind it but then again neither did the spider-mites. Had to use
Dy-Syston to get of them.
************************ RETRACTION***********************

Oh yes, Dy-syston appears to toxic to Sarraceniaceae (sp?) less so for
Sarracenia. When plants were exposed the tops of the oldest leaves
turned black first then the newer leaves got it too, then the crown
just dies. I have some sphagnum growing in mostly Dy-Syston mix
and it seems ok, weird. Even the smallest amount did harm Darlingtonia
and Heliamphora, while Sarracenia was shocked. I'm still waiting to
see if those S. psitt's will come back.
The only CP I will use Dy-Syston on confidently are Nep's.

Dave Evans