Re: Re: Help!

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 25 May 95 18:43 EDT

> >Dear Friends,
> >One again I'm looking for some help with what I feel is a bug problem.
> (stuff deleted)
> >leaves on my rubra forms (and one alata) seem to wilt
> >from the lid of the pitcher down. They don't get crunchy or dry, they
> >just seem to loose all their moisture. After time, the whole upper
> >portion of the leaf seems to get all thin and limp.
> (more stuff deleted)
> I seem to be having the same problem. Most of my new pitchers that have
> come up on my rubra also look warped. They don't grow straight and the
> pitchers don't open all the way. Very ugly. Any one out there with a hint
> of what I am doing wrong? Mine sits in a deep dish of water (2") so I know
> it's not for a lack of water.
> Sincerely,
> Caleb Cheung
Hello all,
I have the same problem this year. My S. rubra's and oreophila (sp?)
twist and warp as they grow. It gets worse the farther up the pitcher
you go. On the S. oreophila many of the lids are deformed and open
half way. In fact the flowers on them (oreophila and x catesbei x
oreophila) are deformed as well. I had thought that oreophila is
an ugly plant that's all twisted (as it grew like this last
year) but others tell me how beautiful their's are. I have noted
aphids on nearly all Sarr's this year but I have been spraying w/
Safer's Insecticidal Soap and squishing them. They don't seem to be
the problem anyways.
1)If you are having this problem do you see aphids?
2a)Is S. oreophila a good looking plant?
b)If it's looking twisted is something worse than lack of humidity?
Or aphids?
3)What can cause a plant (S. x catesbei x oreophila) to be
asymetrical? The petals on one of the flowers is split to
the right of center other flower has an extra stigma right
under a petal. The leaves are odd too, one side is always
smaller than the other so that you could pick 2 leaves that
are mirror images of each other but if cut down the midrib
each half is not a mirror image of the other.

Please help the clueless !!

Dave Evans