Re: Darlingtonia, keeping it cool

Steven Klitzing (
Mon, 22 May 1995 10:16:24 -0700


Try this:

Put your darlingtonia in a big pot. Buy a little
water fountain that you find in the local Home Depot...a low
flat one. Immerse the pot into the pond so that 1/4 of the
pot is immersed. Use a little cirulation pump to keep recirculating the water. This will duplicate the conditions in O'Brien Oregon where the Darlingtonia live on the edges of streams. They like to have their toes wet, but don't sink them
so deep that they die. The water pump will effectively keep things cool. And, minimal cost. Dump some wet tree fern moss
on top of the soil in the pot to simulate the twigs and grasses that die and build up a protective layer on the bog surface.