Cephalotus colour

Tue, 16 May 1995 13:20:27 +0930

>>...The Cephalotus turned such a deep mahogany that it almost
>>looks black. Interestingly, the Darlingtonia absolutely loved
>>it! It had only a 8" leaf as the largest when I bought it. When
>>I returned from my trip one of the pitchers had reached 17"!
>>And its not fully formed yet!!
>Sounds very interesting. Would you say that your Cephalotus
>looks as healthy as before except the colour? Has anybody on the

I have seen some specimens grown here in South Australia with
very dark pitchers. All had been grown in full sun over summer
and had a reduced number of leaves. I remember seeing one
specimen with no leaves, just a mound of dark red-black pitchers.