Re: Alaska

John Rising (
Mon, 15 May 1995 21:12:42 -0700

> I will be travelling to Naknek Alaska (North of Anchorage ?) for
>two months this summer. I have read of some northern varieties of
>Drosera here on the list, and was wondering if anyone had any
>recommendations as to where I might be able to find a CP or two.
>Thanks for any help!!!

Hmm. I just got back from Anchorage after a two week trip. There are huge
areas of wetlands all the way from Homer to Fairbanks. I was unable to get
out and do any close inspections of the plant life. From the road and train
most of the wetlands were still brown and only showed evidence of grasses.
You should also be aware that in-between Anchorage and Fairbanks there is
still frozen lakes and cold weather. As you near Fairbanks it would be
extremely wise to put on a good bug spray, as the misquitos are out in full
force already. If you do find any let me know. I suspect they are probably
closer to Juneau were the temperatures don't drop to -20 to -40 F.