Drosera villosa

Glenn Rankin (rankin@saiph.hpl.hp.com)
Mon, 15 May 95 17:52:42 PDT

Hi Fernando,

I just read your messages concerning Brazilian CP. You said that most
CP down there grow in the mountains where it is cool. Could you be
more specific? Which grow in the hot lowlands and which like the
cooler highlands? (And what is cool? Estimates for summer/winter high
and low temperatures would be very useful in this context.)

I tried once to grow D. villosa, but I couldn't seem to find
conditions that it liked. I tried all the way from sunny, hot and dry
(outside in direct sun, 70-90 Fahrenheit, 20-30% humidity -- the
tender parts died and turned brown) to very shady, cool and wet
(indoors in diffuse light, 50-60 Fahrenheit, with close to 100%
humidity -- fungus consumed what was left).