Re: Growing Nepenthes from seed

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Mon, 15 May 1995 09:20:20 -0400

> Has anyone been able to germinate
> Nepenthes seeds from the ICPS seed
> bank? I've planted seeds of various
> Nepenthes species in a dozen pots on
> March 15th. None of the seeds have
> germinated. The seeds were placed on top
> of moist peat moss. Distilled water was used
> and the surface was sprayed with a solution
> of Benomyl. The pots were covered with
> plastic bags to retain moisture and placed
> under fluorescent lights at an average
> temperature of 72 F. The only seeds that
> germinated are those of drosophyllum and
> drosera.
> Rob

I have used similar conditions with seed from the ICPS seed bank (but I used
sphagnum moss, not peat and no benomyl). For me, N ventricosa had about 60-70%
germination rate while N vielardi (sp) had about a 10% germination rate.
Additional germination of seed occurred when I later watered with superthrive.
Tom in Florida