Guest speaker

Wed, 10 May 95 13:41:17 PDT

The senator that sponsored the Forest Recision Bill (you know the one
that allo ws timber agencies to bypass all federal environmental and
judicial laws while harvesting has also proposed changes to the
endangered species act to favor mor e rapid development will be on the
radio live at 7pm pdt at Northwest Public Ra dio tonight. I feel that
most of the CP loss has been mostly due to habitat deg radation.
Perhaps some of you might wish to call tonight and discuss matters mo re
pointedly than I am able. Northwest Public Radio's general phone number
is 1 800 842 8991. Just so this is cp related I had one Heliamphora
heterodoxa see d from my orig. four from the seed bank germinate. It
came up through the live sphagnum moss and it's cotyledons almost made
me think it was a weed until it g rew two tiny tube traps 1/2 cm long.
Does anyone have any care tips they'd like
to share?

BTW the senator is Slade Gordon who wishes to "modify"environmental law
He is a republican from Washington State. Supposedly he represents me. HA!