Mediterranean climate LISTSERV

Sean A. O'Hara (
Mon, 8 May 95 16:09:31 PDT

There is a new horticultural LISTSERV that is devoted to gardeners
in Mediterranean climates throughout the world. It is, and currently, there are over 100
subscribers from various places all over California, as well as
Australia (Tasmania included), South Africa, and elsewhere. The
list has gotten off to a good start and we'd love to hear from you
if you garden in this type of climate.

Here is the method for subscribing to Medit-Plants:

Send the following 1-line message to the :

subscribe medit-plants <firstname> <lastname>

The LISTSERV program will then enter your e-mail id and first/last
name into the table of subscribers. You will receive a 'welcome
page' at this point, outlining some detail of the LISTSERV and some
information about the group. You may modify your subscription, or
eventually un-subscribe by talking to the LISTSERV again, in the
same manner as above. To find out what LISTSERV commands are
available at this site, send the following message to :


If you want to post a message to the discussion group, you will talk
to instead. The LISTSERV will then send
your message to all currently subscribed users on the Medit-Plants
list (except those who might have their mail turned 'off'). Please
be sure to format your text clearly to facilitate easy reading.
Choosing an appropriate Subject line and including a brief but
informative 'signage' text (with your name, gardening location, and
whatever else you feel would be important to people to realise who
you are) is also very useful.

To give you a flavor for the type of discussion that has been taking
place on Medit-Plants, I've included a list of recent Subject
headings at the end of this note. If you want any other
information, please feel free to contact me personally.

H O R T U L U S A P T U S ('gardens', 'suited to their purpose')
Sean A. O'Hara
710 Jean Street, Oakland, CA 94610-1459
(510) 987-0577

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